DATE2022-12-01 16:10-17:00

PLACE數學系館 1F3174教室

SPEAKER劉筱凡 教授(淡江大學數學系

TITLEOn Solitons and Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces

ABSTRACT The Sine-Gordon equation was discovered in the 19 century and S. S. Chern in 1981 gave a geometric interpretation of solutions to the Sine-Gordon equation, that is the pseudosphere. This relates partial differential equations and differential geometry. Such a relation gives rise to the study of integrable systems and geometries. In this talk, we will recall the history of the Sine-Gordon equation and the pseudosphere at first and then introduce some related and generalized questions with the known results. In the end, we will discuss our recent results on Heisenberg groups in this direction.