Geometric Seminar

DATE2019-12-12 15:10-16:00


SPEAKERAleksander Doan博士(Columbia University

TITLEOn Counting Embedded Curves

ABSTRACT The idea of counting holomorphic curves in a complex manifold, such as the complex projective space, is classical and goes back to the Italian school of algebraic geometry in the 19th century. In an influential paper from 1985, Gromov extended this idea to pseudo-holomorphic curves in symplectic manifolds. Since then, various curve counting invariants have been of great importance in complex and symplectic geometry and string theory. I will discuss some of these invariants and the famous Gopakumar--Vafa conjecture relating them. Part of the talk will be based on joint work with Thomas Walpuski. I will assume no prior knowledge of symplectic geometry.