Geometry Seminar

DATE2019-11-21 15:10-16:00



TITLEHolomorphic Curves and Seiberg-Witten Invariants for 4-Dimensional Cobordisms

ABSTRACT We will discuss a variant of Taubes’s Seiberg-Witten to Gromov theorem in the context of a 4-manifold with cylindrical ends, equipped with a nontrivial harmonic 2-form. This harmonic 2-form is allowed to be asymptotic to 0 on some (but not all) of its ends, and may have nondegenerate zeros along 1-submanifolds. Corollaries include various positivity results; some simple special cases of these constitute a key ingredient in Kutluhan-Lee-Taubes’s proof of HM = HF (Monopole Floer homology equals Heegaard Floer homology). The aforementioned general theorem is motivated by (potential) extensions of the HM = HF and Lee-Taubes’s HM = PFH (Periodic Floer homology) theorems.