DATE2019-10-17 16:10-17:00


SPEAKER邱聖夫 博士(中央研究院數學研究所

TITLEUnsharpness Principle and Function Theory

ABSTRACT A bunch of quantum phenomena have their counterparts in symplectic topology, which allows one to deal with more classical functions on more complicated geometry objects called symplectic manifolds. In my previous NCKU colloquium talk I tried to relate the famous uncertainty principle to symplectic and contact non-squeezing properties, and this time I will stress another phenomena called unsharpness. Roughly speaking, measuring a quantum state is like capturing a point of a symplectic manifolds. While the uncertainty principle sets a theoretical limit for the preciseness of such measurements, the unsharpness principle sets a threshold for registration procedures of points. The talk is accessible for those who knows calculus and is not afraid of the notion of manifold