DATE2019-09-12 16:10-17:00


SPEAKER陳昰宇 博士(中央研究院

TITLEOn The Algebraicity of the Symmetric Sixth Power L-Functions of Elliptic Modular Forms

ABSTRACT Deligne's conjecture predicts that the period for the critical values of the symmetric even power L-function for an elliptic modular form is equal to a certain power of the Petersson norm of the associated modular form. In this talk, we present our result on the algebraicity of the symmetric sixth power L-functions for elliptic modular forms. We show that the period in this case is equal to product of Petersson norms of the associated modular form and certain holomorphic Siegel modular form of degree two. Our result is compatible with Deligne's conjecture and we will give a criterion for the conjecture.