DATE2019-04-25 15:10-16:00


SPEAKERJia-Yuan Dai (戴佳原)博士(國家理論中心

TITLEGinzburg-Landau Spiral Waves in Circular and Spherical Geometries

ABSTRACT My talk consists of two parts. Part 1 is a 10-minute ignite talk, in which I exhibit several beautiful spiral patterns, explain two mechanisms that trigger spiral waves, and introduce three mathematical viewpoints to treat spiral waves. Part 2 focus on Ginzburg-Landau spiral waves and I solve the existence problem of spiral waves in the circular and spherical geometries. The methodology is twofold. First, I establish a proper functional approach for bifurcation analysis. Second, I use the method of shooting curves to extend all bifurcation curves globally. Then I highlight my ongoing research on linear stability of spiral wave solutions and discuss whether stability changes under effect of noninvasive spatio-temporal delay.