NCTS/NCKU Algebraic Geometry Seminar

DATE2018-12-25 13:10-15:00


SPEAKER張懷良 副教授(香港科技大學

TITLEFeynman Structures in Gromov Witten Theory

ABSTRACT For compact CY 3fold, such as the quintic 3fold, the math study of higher genus GW potentials Fg has been open for over two decades. Recently, we prove quintic's Fg's are analytic functions, satisfy Yamaguchi-Yau finite generation conjecture(2004), and BCOV Feynman graph conjecture(1993). This determines the infinite series Fg up to 3g-3 unknowns. For example we recover F1 and obtain F2 completely. Our approach is packaging ``N-Mixed-Spin-P fields" (NMSP) moduli for large N. This is a joint work with Shuai Guo and Jun Li.