DATE2018-11-15 16:10-17:00


SPEAKER陳維超博士(Skywatch/行品, 英業達AI中心, 台灣人工智慧學校

TITLEAbstraction or Instantiation: On Building the Internet for Smarter Place

ABSTRACT There are two ends of the spectrum when it comes to Internet-of-Things. On the one end, the focus is on lower level communication technology, platforms, and standards that aim to enable machine-to-machine communications. On the other end, people have been searching for the killer devices that would transform our lives. Clearly, one is the "Internet" perspective, while the other is the "Things" perspective. In this talk, instead of taking the words "Internet of Things" literally, we focus on the combined effects of devices on environments. Specifically, we discuss the conversations between devices, and how these interactions can open new frontiers of digitized spaces in the era of machine learning.