Analysis Seminar

DATE2016-06-15 14:10-15:00

PLACE數學館 3F會議室

SPEAKER中村玄 教授(國家理論中心

TITLEIdentifying Viscoelasticity (Data analysis for measurement devices MRE and PVS)

ABSTRACT Viscoelastic properties of solid-like materials, such as creep compliance, relaxation modulus and dynamic modulus, are of paramount importance in characterizing the materials, understanding their underlying deformation mechanisms and predicting their mechanical behavior with existing mathematical models. The aim of this talk is to provide some data analysis for two measurement devices to measure viscoelasticity. They are called MRE (magnetic resonance elastography) and PVS (pendulum-type viscoelastic spectrometer). MRE is for clinical diagnosing and PVS is for rheological study for tissue and soft materials, respectively. Both of them can measure the viscoelasticity in a broad band of frequency. Each one of them can be a cross check for the other in some common frequency range. There are many interesting problem inside the data analysis for these measurement devices. Another aim of this talk is to show some mathematical problems and results related to the data analysis.