RCTS Algebraic Geometry Seminar

DATE2016-01-08 15:10-16:00


SPEAKER張懷良 教授(香港科技大學

TITLEA Reading Report on Givental's Homological Geometry

ABSTRACT Abstract: In 1994 Aexander Givental propose to use an S1 equivariant version of Hamiltonian Floer theory, and its associated D module, to explain the mirror symmetry phenomenon. The project is difficult to be and not yet made rigorous, but it gives rise to many remarkable and rigorous discovery, which people later use to package the notorious infinite dimensional path integral. The famous J function, quantum D module, etc, also originate from this work. In this talk I shall report on this Givental's paper "Homological Geometry I, Projective Hupersurfaces".