RCTS Symplectic Geometry Seminar

DATE2015-12-30 13:10-14:00

PLACE數學館 3F會議室

SPEAKERJae-Hyouk Lee 副教授(韓國梨花大學

TITLEGeometry along Vector Cross Products

ABSTRACT Abstract:The geometry of three dimensional Euclidean space is very special because of cross product. The vector cross product is a generalization of the cross product on the three dimensional Euclidean space, and its classification is closely related to manifolds with special holonomy groups. These manifolds play key roles in the studies of modern geometry. In this talk, we introduce the vector cross product and classify it according to real, complex, quaternion, octonion numbers and explain t he relations to studies of modern geometry. We also discuss complexfication of vector cross product and related geometry.