RCTS Analysis Seminar



SPEAKERProf. Gen Nakamura]Inha University^

TITLEApplicable and Mathematically Rigorous Inversion for Active Thermography

ABSTRACT Active thermography is a typical non-destructive testing to identify anomalies inside a heat conductor by injecting heat flux using heater or flush lamp or even laser and measuring the corresponding temperature distribution on the boundary of conductor by an infrared light camera. This measurement is a non-contact and very quick measurement which can be easily repeated many times. In this talk we will give a sampling type inversion scheme combining the two methods of inversion called the linear sampling type method and dynamical probe method to identify the anomalies inside the conductor such as cavities and inclusions by one set of measurements over a time interval. We use an impulsive input which correlates to that of active thermography with injection of heat flux by laser.