NCTS(South)/ NCKU Math Colloquium

DATE2015-05-28 15:10-16:00



TITLERadical Subgroups of Finite Exceptional Groups of Lie Type

ABSTRACT Abstract: One of the major themes of group theory is to understand the interplay between the representation theory of a finite group and that of its $p$-local subgroups for a prime $p$. There are several such interplays have been observed, but most of them are still conjectural. One of these long-standing fundamental questions is Alperin weight conjecture (AWC). AWC was formulated by J. Alperin in 1986 and constitutes one of deeper problems in the area of representation theory of finite groups. A key ingredient in the investigation of this conjecture is to classify the radical subgroups. In this talk, we will briefly describe our recent work on a program to classify the radical subgroups and the corresponding local structure of finite exceptional groups of Lie type. This is a joint (and ongoing) work with J. An and H. Dietrich.