NCKU Math Colloquium / RCTS Seminar

DATE2015-05-14 16:10-17:00


SPEAKER粘珠鳳 副教授(成大數學系

TITLEA Finite Field Analogue of Jacquets's Conjecture on Local Converse Problem

ABSTRACT Abstract The Local Converse Problem is to determine how the family of the local gamma factors \gamma (s, π × τ, ψ) characterizes the isomorphism class of an irreducible generic representation π of GL(n, F ), with F a p-adic field, where τ runs through all irreducible generic representations of GL(r, F ) and r runs through positive integers. The Jacquet conjecture asserts that it is enough to take r = 1, . . . ,[n/2]. This talk is about the proof for the finite field analogue of Jacquets's conjecture on local converse problem, which can be modified to answer the original problem over p-adic fields in some special cases .