NCKU Math Colloquium / RCTS Seminar

DATE2015-04-09 16:10-17:00


SPEAKER施因澤 教授(中興應數系

TITLETailored Finite Point Methods for the Non-smoothing Solutions of PDE Problems

ABSTRACT In this talk I will present several variants of tailored finite point methods (TFPM) for solving 1. convection diffusion equations, 2. singular perturbed eigenvalue (SPE) problem, and 3. Burger's equation.The solution basis functions for the TFP are constructed for the difference formulation. Some truncation error calculations are given. We study the analytical solutions of two special cases of the SPE, and provide an asymptotic analysis for the solutions. Numerical results indicate that our schemes are efficient and robust for those non-smooth numerical solutions with interior or boundary layers.