NCKU Math Colloquium / RCTS Seminar



SPEAKERProf. Takaaki Nishida¡]Kyoto University¡^

TITLEInstability of Plane Poiseuille Flow in Viscous Compressible Gas

ABSTRACT Instability of plane Poiseuille flow in viscous compressible gas is investigated. A condition for the Reynolds and Mach numbers is given in order for plane Poiseulle flow to be unstable. It turns out that Poiseuille flow is unstable for Reynolds numbers much less than the critical Reynolds number for the incompressible flow when the Mach number is suitably large. It is proved by the analytic perturbation theory that the linearized operator around plane Poiseuille flow has eigenvalues with positive real part when the instability condition for the Reynolds and Mach numbers is satisfied.

Joint work with Yoshiyuki Kagei (Kyushu University).